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How to Keep Your Runescape Bank Organised 90% of the Time!

I don't know if the spots were put there on purpose or not, but I hope they don't take if away. The spots are a fun part of the mini game where player.

Are you tired of spending an hour every day organising your bank because you just can't seem to keep your items in place? Read this..and you might just learn something.

First, I'd like to thank you for being interested in this guide.

I'll be explaining you how to keep your RuneScape bank organised 90% of the time. Reason for me saying 90% is because it is nearly possible (still possible) to keep your bank organised 100% of the time. Either if it's new items that came out, or when you take the item out, for example a purple party hat, the slots "shift" and you lose the place. The only way to not have that happen is if you have two sets of a party hat. But I'll explain how to still keep it organised with only 1 set items.

First, I recommend you in putting your Coins in the first slot of the bank. Then put anything after that. I recommend you in putting Runes together, thus making is easier to teleport when in a hurry. Also put all ores together with the bars. If you have raw items, for example: Raw Sharks, cook them. They give you experience, and is now good for eating!

I strongly recommend you in putting 2 or even 3 Raw Sharks as a bank holder. This will never be used, and is here so that your bank doesn't "slide" when taken out. Do this for all the "cheap" based items, like runes, ores, gems, etc.

The Not-So-Easy-Type to keep organised.

Some items are too much of a hassle to buy in 2 sets. As my example earlier, if you're a fan of rares it's always good to keep them at the bottom of your bank. Unless you can afford 2, but let me explain if you're a person who could only afford 1 of an item. For example full dragon. Could be expensive, and just a hassle to buy two, which doesn't help you in RuneScape other than keeping your bank organised. Keep your armour, weapons and anything you like to wear at the bottom of your bank. Therefor you can easily take it out, and put it back in the same order after.

If your bank is un-organised, spend 30 minutes orgranising it, (yes it could take that long, even up to an hour). It makes you feel proud and ever time you open your bank you see a wonderful organised wealth of yours.

Good luck!

Don't forget to check out my other guides! They could help you just a little better!

Runescape Clan Wars Glitch Spots

A look at the glitch spots in the Runescape mini game "Clan Wars".

Clan Wars is a mini game where two different clan chats can battle each other. When a challenge has been accepted, both clans have 2 minutes to enter a portal which will take them to the battlegrounds. One clan will start on the north end while one starts on the south end. After you are dead, you will be able to keep watching the war from a viewing area. When a clan has no one left to fight, then the other clan wins. On the map there are some spots where someone can stand without being seen, these are called the "glitch spots". Players standing in these spots cannot be seen on the playing screen, but can be seen as a dot on the mini map. So far I have only found two spots.

Glitch Spots
North-West spot- this spot is located in the NW corner of the map.

South rock spot- this spot is located in a bunch of rocks on the south half of the map.

I don't know if the spots were put there on purpose or not, but I hope they don't take if away. The spots are a fun part of the mini game where players can hide and surprise other players. Sometimes clan will use these spots strategically to win over the other clan.

I hope you learned something from this and maybe you can try it out some time! If you found this interesting, please tell your friends to read this article. Thank you!

Runescape Chinchompa Guide for Range

Heres a fun and exciting way to get loads of range experience with your adorable and exploding creature.

Unlike other range training guides for Runescape that say the same dull boring thing about effectively training your range level, I will present a member guide for training your range level while having fun with it. I will basically focus on training range with chinchompas, which by the way are cute furry animals that explode!

Anyway chinchompas are an awesome ranging weapon because they are fat rodent-like creatures that you throw at targets. For this way of training range you need level 45 range for a bow. Chinchompas can be caught with a box trap (both red and regular) using spiced chopped tomatoes as bait. The regular are found in the woodland area and the red, carnivorous ones are found in the jungle area in fedlip fields. Note: you can't use the regular chinchompas as ranging weapons. The cost I think is 700-800 gp, though you should check with the grand exchange because Jagex is controlling and monitoring the prices of everything.

So now your probably thinking on where to use this dangerous little weapon. Now you obviously want to find an area that is crowded with targets, so you can hit multiple targets. One place to do this is in pest control (any level) since its crowded with monsters your bound to hit multiple monsters per chinchompas. A good place is beyond the southern gate where the monsters pile up or in the late game on western/eastern gate where the pests really start to pile on. The good thing with pest control is you won't lose anything when dieing and you'll just respond in the lander so you don't need to pay attention your health.

Another place is a world with castle wars being crowded, so go to the castle wars designated worlds. Then you can just throw your chinchompas at the mobs/crowds running around chasing flags and such. Any other place works as long as you can survive till you run out of chinchompas and if there are multiple monsters after you so you can take advantage of chinchompas effect.

Traveling the Wilderness in Runescape

A fascinating guide on traveling the wilderness on both a free players and a members server.

Free Version

If you're travelling the wilderness in a free server then you may need some free hints and tips. Luckily this guide is on travelling the wilderness in Runescape so you don't need to look anywhere else just here… and here.

If you ever go into the wilderness don't bring any of your expensive things like you rune scimitar or 2h. Also if you can teleport bring enough runes. If you can make full bronze armour then you should take it with you.

When you're actually in the wilderness you may find some useful things like iron kite shields. Don't count on your home port spell it takes a lot of time and even if you not in battle, you cant use it from over level 20 wilderness. When you're in the wilderness bring some cheap weapons so that you're not fighting with your own fists.

Members Version

If you're a member always, always, always (always x 10 here) bring a dragon fire shield. There are lots of dragons if the wilderness and you don't want to end up like this guy.

Also follow the free players stuff.

Members and Free Part

It seems I forget something… bring food. For members bring shark for free players bring anchovy pizza it heals 18 health any questions ask somewhere.

You have made a wise choice reading my guide thank you and good night!

You Shall Like Balanced Trades

All Runescapers must have noticed the new trading system. My 15 reasons for why it's good.

Many are complaining about how stupid the new trading update is. Of course we all know the reasons: to prevent real world trading. Good for you, Jagex, it works, but what about the gamers?

Let me show you some of the many good sides:

  1. Less (big) beggars; the most they can beg for is 3k. Why would they spend their time for such a little amount?
  2. Less autoers; we all know them, those annoying little noobs stealing our ores or logs. They can't trade the earnings to their main account or other accounts anymore, so having an autoer has less use than ever before.
  3. Less expensive birthday presents; the best present a f2p can give now is a present worth 3k! The less you can give away, the less you lose, the more you keep, the more you have
  4. Less people can own you easily since they can't buy a better account
  5. Less shame about giving a too small present on your friend's birthday or with Christmas, which would make you look poor or rude
  6. Less rich people; some people buy RS money for real money. Ha, now they can't show off anymore! Let those lazy gamers work!
  7. Less rip-offs from girlfriends/boyfriends who ask you presents till you're broke
  8. Less accidentally losing money or items by clicking accept without looking
  9. Less chance for having you're account hacked; the hacker cannot trade your items and money to his own account
  10. No more opportunities for your annoying brother/sister to steal/borrow some of your armour and other items
  11. No more so-called trading games; the game where people trade with the organiser, the trader who traded the best item, is the winner and gets the price.
  12. Less so-called friends borrowing your items or money, so less chance on never getting them back.
  13. No more bots from gold-sellers; they can't sell they're products on their websites anymore
  14. Runescape won't get ruined by real-world trading! So enjoy playing Runescape longer
  15. Less chance to get bored;Mod Hobagoly explained: "That's the case with all cheating, whether it's buying gold or cheating your way through a console game - it's fun for a while, but the challenge goes and things quickly get boring."

Enjoy gaming!